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    Over 20 local schools have their future under scrutiny

    As far back as November 2016, the future viability of a number of local schools was brought into question by Perth and Kinross Council.

    It was decided to produce what they call “Options Appraisals” to be presented to the Lifelong Learning Committee for consideration.  The first phase of these to include appraisals on 10 local primary schools.  The second phase predicted to start after December 2017 will include appraisals on a further 12 schools.

    At a meeting of this committee held yesterday, Options Appraisals for Balhousie Primary School, St Ninians Primary School, and Forteviot Primary School were put forward for consideration.  These reports put forward by the Executive Director of Education and Children’s Services made recommendations for the future of these schools.

    St Ninans Primary school has a recommendation for a reduction of capacity with a nursery class being created following redevelopment of the internal layout.

    For both Balhousie Primary School and Forteviot Primary School, the recommendations from these appraisals were that statutory consultation exercises take place on proposals to close both.

    For Balhousie Primary School, the budgetary concerns for bringing the campus up to standard are a large part of the appraisal.  The building of a new primary school at North Muirton would be more cost-effective in the long run according to PKC.  With the present North Muirton Primary School part of these appraisals, it looks like this option would be preferred by the Committee.

    If the recommendations were agreed upon at yesterday’s meeting, there will be a consultation on the future of these schools. A Consultation gives the opportunity for parents, pupils and community members to have their say.  If there is to be a consultation, the Perth and Kinross Council website will be where to have your say.

    We will, of course, have a link available for our readers to participate in the consultation as soon as one becomes available if the Lifelong Learning committee has decided to accept these recommendations.

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    Karen McRostie
    Current Affairs reporter for the Perth Gazette.
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