Perth band Majik Carpet issue an apology after gig vandalism

A four-piece band from Perth, Majik Carpet have been slammed for vandalising a hotel room that was spray painted with offensive profanity.

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A four-piece band from Perth, Majik Carpet have been slammed for vandalising a hotel room that was spray painted with offensive profanity.

Perth band Majik Carpet is facing criticism following vandalism at a hotel room that was under their supervision last week following a gig in Edinburgh. It is understood not all members were involved in the incident, but take full responsibility for the damage. The incident took place last week at the Bannerman’s Bar in Edinburgh, the band was hired to play at the venue and management provided the room for free.

Majik Carpet performing in The Green Room.

The venue said in a statement: “This is how the band Majik Carpet feel it is ok to leave the venue accommodation after a gig here. Action is being taken & they are blacklisted, to say the least”

The lead singer in the video below can be seen posing in front of the graffiti in the bathroom via Instagram but has since been removed.


After the incident was highlighted in the national press over the weekend, Majik Carpet issued a statement via their Facebook Page before deactivating it.

“By now, all of our Majik Carpet Friends and pretty much half of Scotland will be aware that we were in charge of band accommodation at the brilliant venue Bannerman’s Bar in Edinburgh’s Cowgate when the flat bathroom was vandalised with spray-paint.

“We are desperate for this opportunity to apologise publicly for the damage that was caused to the premises under our watch. We had a brilliant gig, in a brilliant venue and as such things tend to transpire, the ensuing evening’s events went forth in high spirits and with (what we thought was) good company in the band accommodation after the show.

“We would like to make clear that although we were responsible for the accommodation – having gone out to sample Edinburgh’s delights – we were not present as a full band at the time of the vandalism.

“We have tried our best to communicate with the venue to rectify the situation. We, as a band, have been collectively vilified for the behaviour of a few and have received many threats of not only damage to our musical careers and reputations but personal threats of violence and most worryingly, even death threats via social media.”

“When confronted with this we reacted immaturely and in disbelief! We tried to clean up the mess and panicked about the situation at the time.

“This is in no way an excuse for our neglect of the accommodation that was given to us – but seriously… we have never woken up to a spray-painted bathroom before – and we had no idea what on earth we should do.

“However, although our initial reaction was teenage in proportion – we should never have allowed our reaction to the resulting carnage to be posted on social media and we should have responded to the situation in a mature manor, instead of running away so we wouldn’t have to face up to it person.

“This however, in no way excuses the way in which we dealt with the ensuing situation and for the damage caused to the premises under our care and our childish response to the situation, and moreover the distress caused to Christian and his team who showed us such hospitality – we honestly cannot apologise wholeheartedly enough.”

We have made clear our intention to make good on the damage caused by the regretful behaviour of those in our party in any way we can and feel we have conveyed this as sincerely as possible to the venue’s management and have offered immediate remuneration for any works carried out.”

“Our decision from hereforth is to ‘cancel’ any further dates on our tour – but this has happened through a social media ‘black-listing’ – From hereforth we believe the best decision for the band would be to cancel all upcoming plans for the future.

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