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    Brewdog to open a bar in Perth

    A Scottish craft beer brand Brewdog has announced a bar will open up in Perth.

    The popular beer company opened their first bar in Aberdeen back in 2010 and now the company has announced another six bars will open across Scotland.

    Brewdog founder James Watt said the company is also planning for an IPO by 2020, following a large private equity investment and a potential brewery in Australia by next year.

    The company also said sales for 2017 hit £110m up 53pc on the previous year. The location of the bar will be on Geroge Street, next to the Perth Concert Hall, making it a great location for concert lovers.

    BrewDog cofounder James Watt said “Hawkes has grown a distinctive, bold and innovative business in an industry full of conformity, timidity and tradition. Our additional fire power will not only enable Hawkes to expand the reach of its incredible ciders, but also provide the opportunity to really make an indelible mark on the evolution of cider in the UK.”


    David Riley
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