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SSE criticised by local residents over dangerous parking

SSE, one of the big six energy companies have been criticised by local residents over dangerous parking.

SSE, one of the big six energy companies have been criticised by local residents over dangerous parking.

One of the top energy living wage companies have been asked to do more to prevent dangerous parking from its staff at the headquarters in Perth. Local residents have vented their frustration over dangerous parking concerns on Auld Bond Road.

The vehicle pictured below can be seen parking on a pedestrian walkway on Auld Bond Road which happened in the morning due to SSE’s car park being maxed out.

Second picture is a regular occurrence often in the morning during weekdays as SSE’s car park is often maxed to its limits.

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SSE say a policy is in place to all employees and is proactively enforcing employees to remove vehicles when parked illegally.


A spokesperson from SSE said to Perth Gazette: “We are aware of residents’ concerns about parking on Auld Bond Road and have reminded employees of the dangers associated with irresponsible parking.

“Equivalent car parking spaces have been created while work on the new link building is underway and employees have been encouraged to use these, car share, or travel on our free minibus service from Perth railway station as an alternative to parking on public roads.

“SSE has also held discussions with the local council and the police this week, and any employee found to be parked illegally will be asked to move their vehicle immediately.”

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