Perth Playhouse putting film back onto our screens and in our hearts

Hollie Irvine visits Perth Playhouse to watch Beetlejuice and updates you on all things film in Perth

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Perth Playhouse has been our cinematic home for years now. There’s a sense of nostalgia every time you go to visit, it’s been there our whole lives. Most of us have been lucky enough to have frequented a lot, catching all of our favourite new releases.

It goes without saying Perth Playhouse has undergone a lot of changes over the past few years, it’s now an IMAX, changes to the layout, a new cafe and new snacks. One of their biggest changes, however, is that over the past few they have put a huge emphasis on bringing the art of film back to the forefront of the Perth community. 

On Friday night I went on another one of my ‘local adventures’ to The Playhouse. My brother returned from university for the weekend and, along with my mum, we went to the cinema to have some family time. Playhouse also happened to have one of my favourite films ever screening on Friday night, Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice.

I’m not doing a film review, if you haven’t seen the film then just go watch it. If anything purely for the dining room scene and the score.

What Perth Playhouse is doing right now is brilliant. They are intertwining new releases with individual screenings of our old favourites. How amazing it was to be sat in the cinema with 40-50 other people watching a film you can probably just watch on Netflix now. Yet people of all ages came out to take a trip down memory lane, with some younger people never having seen the film before. It’s important to remember that the classics we know and love can often be missed by the younger generation and Perth Playhouse are actively seeking to soak us all back into the art of film again and help us take a trip down memory lane. 

Not only showing old classics, Playhouse are also offering Pup friendly screenings so you can go to the cinema with your doggos. They are also offering monthly dementia-friendly screenings. They are opening up film to be enjoyed by the young and old as well as making it accessible for everyone.

Beetlejuice is not the first ‘old film’ to be shown and there’s plenty more classic screenings over the next few months, from Horrors to festive favourites. Too many times I hear the phrase ‘there’s nothing to do in Perth’ and that is simply not the case anymore. It doesn’t have to be an expensive evening out either, a ticket will cost you what a few pints in the pub would cost you. It’s significantly cheaper than the big brand cinemas in other cities.

Coming up over the next few months;

  • Oct 31st: Pooches @ The Playhouse, 101 Dalmatians
  • Nov 2nd: Playhouse of Horrors, The Evil Dead
  • Dec 7th:  Playhouse of Horrors, Gremlins
  • Dec 21st: Love Actually
  • Dec 22nd: The Nightmare Before Christmas (I’ll be at this one with BELLS on what a film!).

These are just a few events they have lined up for the latter part of 2018, with a lot more to come in 2019 I am sure. You can stay updated by getting involved on their Facebook Page.  

(P.S. Cheers for the Beetlejuice poster – LOVE it!)

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