£2.5m boost to Perth thanks to The Royal National Mòd 2022

The Royal National Mòd 2022, which took place in Perth from 14 – 22 October, saw a £2.5 million uplift to the area’s economy, with 98% of spending taking place in the Fair City over the cultural festival’s nine days.
Royal National MOD 2022, Perth The Mod Football Cup. Glasgow Island AFC celebrate after beating Perth’s Jeanfield Swifts AFC 4-1

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The Royal National Mòd 2022, which took place in Perth from 14 – 22 October, saw a £2.5 million uplift to the area’s economy, with 98% of spending taking place in the Fair City over the cultural festival’s nine days.

The 130-year-old event, which celebrates Gaelic language, music, and culture featured a variety of incredible competitions, performances, workshops and activities, providing a huge social and cultural boost to Perth.

The 2022 event saw a 130% increase in in-person attendees since 2021 when some Covid-19 restrictions were in place, welcoming more than 7,500 visitors and providing an economic uplift that helped support around 30 FTE jobs.

There is also evidence that the Royal National Mòd will have a lasting legacy for the city of Perth, and future Mòds. Visitors highly regarded the city and its host venues and it is estimated a further £1 million could be spent there by Mòd attendees returning again in the future. One Mòd was nowhere enough for most, with 95% of those surveyed saying they would be likely or highly likely to this year’s Mòd in Paisley this October,

Allan Campbell, An Comunn Gaidhealach President, said: “We are delighted that the 2022 Mòd saw such an increase in attendees as we returned to a full-scale event. It is such a vital festival in the calendar of the Gaelic community and one that we know year on year has a massive cultural and economic impact on host towns and cities across Scotland. Perth was no different, with the Mòd generating a sizable economic boost to the city and surrounding areas, as well as stimulating interest in Gaelic language and culture. 

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“An Comunn congratulates everyone involved in the 2022 Royal National Mòd and we are very much looking forward to this year’s 2023 event in Paisley. We hope to see a continued upward trajectory in participants and visitors as we head to Renfrewshire this October.”

Paul Bush OBE, VisitScotland’s Director of Events, said: “From its torchlight parade opening accompanied by the pipes to the massed choirs closing proceedings, the Mod’s return to Perth was a huge success and the city provided the perfect stage for this celebration of Gaelic culture. To see a £2.5m boost to the area is a fantastic reflection of the economic benefits of events, in addition to their important role in communities coming together to enjoy and share memorable experiences.”

Councillor Andrew Parrott, convener of Perth & Kinross Council’s Environment, Infrastructure and Economic Development Committee, said: “The return of the Mòd to Perth was a huge success as a competition and the economic impact it delivered for Perth.

“The Mòd not only delivered a significant boost to local businesses it also demonstrated what a great host city Perth is, both in terms of the venues we have and the warm welcome we gave to visitors last year.

“Before last year, Perth had not hosted the Mòd since 2004 and I hope it is not another 18 years before it returns.”

Councillor John Duff, Perth & Kinross Council’s Gaelic champion, added: “It was fantastic to host the Mòd in Perth last year and that so many visitors enjoyed their time here. The Mòd is hugely important in promoting our Gaelic heritage and culture and I am delighted last year’s event had such a positive impact.”

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Education Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville said: “The Royal National Mòd in Perth showed the strength of feeling that people have for both the Gaelic language and culture. It’s clear to see how it can also provide a welcome boost to the economy of our towns and cities.

“The Scottish Government is committed to ensuring a continued growth of the language through national initiatives and supporting celebratory events, like the one we saw in the Fair City. I am already looking forward to, what will be no doubt, another successful event in Paisley.”

Shona MacLennan, Ceannard, Bòrd na Gàidhlig said: “Mòd Pheairt was a huge success – a real celebration of Gaelic language and culture. It was so encouraging to see the attendance at its highest since the pandemic. Following a challenging time for everybody, these opportunities to come together not only contribute so much to wellbeing but are also vitally important for the language. 

“Well done to all those who took part in the competitions and also those who came to celebrate Gaelic. Congratulations to An Comunn Gàidhealach for another outstanding Mòd and to all of the people – young and old – who make the Royal National Mòd the great event it is. It reminds us that Gaelic is for everybody and what better way to celebrate that fact. Bòrd na Gàidhlig are already looking forward to Mòd Phàislig 2023. Chì sinn ann sibh!” 

The Royal National Mòd in Perth 2022 was supported by EventScotland, Bòrd na Gàidhlig, Perth & Kinross Council, The Scottish Government, Caledonian MacBrayne and SQA.

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