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All the latest opinions from Perth Gazette staff and outsiders.

Perth Gazette blogs is a place for opinions. These opinions belong to the author and are not necessarily shared by Perth Gazette.


5 Things that annoy us in Perth

Yes, okay, this is our 5 things that annoy us in Perth.... well assuming.

The stats that we like to share with our readers

Some factual stats from Alexa.com who has certified our website to give us the best results which are 99% accurate when certificated.  Over 870,000 visits last month on...

New features and some great achievements

Ah, Perth Gazette. Everyone loves PG for the right and wrong reasons. Whether it's grammar, debates, opinions or good content we're still going strong. Below...

Stats for Jan 14'

We at Perth Gazette like to keep you informed of anything new, exciting or boring updates.  As we launched in November, we had a huge...

Perth's most memorable moments of 2013

Some of the finest moments in 2013 were indeed a cracker, and let's face it you can laugh, rant or be rude whatever it...

New commenting system!

It's time for a change here in Perthshire and we don't mean new underwear either. We have now decided to use the latest technology and...

New features for the start of the year

Every week we update the website to improve style and networking connections. Well, things have just gotten a little better here at the improvement team....

Corrections, updates & new stuff

A list of corrections, updates and new stuff for Perth Gazette. Corrections  Perth Gazette has corrected an article which mentioned "Castle Huntley" we have changed this...

Small Updates

Updates and Fixes   Our Facebook Page Perth Gazette is no longer accepting wall comments due to the overload of spam advertising and questions. If you...

Security updates

SSL   Perth Gazette can now confirm we are fully secure from hackers and spam attacks. With an SSL certificate issued on our domain it makes...
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