Code of Ethics

Perth Gazette is a non profit news organisation delivering local news Perth and Kinross, in Tayside, Scotland. We include topics from Current Affairs, Crime, Entertainment and Politics.

Our mission is to deliver accurate news from independent and verified sources as well as Perth Gazette’s in house independent news editorial team.

Our revenue sources come from Advertisements from Google AdSense, sponsored articles that are clearly labelled and job board postings. Perth Gazette does not accept any formal of donations. Our code of ethics also reflects longstanding values and standards of practice of the journalism profession.

Accurate importance in our articles

To build trust, our articles must be accurate and we strive to build this relationship with our readers across our news network.

Our journalists follow a standard news desk protocol

Verify sources via third-parties including independent fake news checking tools and organisations.

Allow comments from news gathering reporting, such as allegations and claims

Work to the best of their ability to assess evidence and claims without bias, always examining ways in which personal experiences and values may shape our reporting.

No sponsor or any political influence

Staff writers will not accept any sort of gift, payment or reward from any sponsor or figure by adjusting their views to any given topic.

Participate in political activities such as marches and demonstrations. 

Support any political campaign

Updated, 13th of April 2020.