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InchFest cancelled due to planning issues

Perth’s latest festival, InchFest has been cancelled following an announcement on Twitter today, 23rd of April, 2018.

InchFest that was due to take place next Saturday has been cancelled, organisers have said in a statement.

Organiser Jack Daily said: “I’m really really sorry but the council have turned around and said it’s a no-go for this Saturday, the event will instead be postponed to most likely July time. Sorry for the inconvenience, but thank you very very much for your interest in the event.

They were saying for such an event to go ahead they need longer for planning and more money for stewarding, fencing, policing etc.

On the bright side, they are still very much up for supporting the event, and with the additional time we can turn it into a much bigger event with sponsorship backing.”

A provisional booking was granted according to organisers.

A spokesperson for Perth and Kinross Council said: “Following a meeting with the promoter of Inch Fest, it has been agreed to postpone the event due to issues in terms of public safety and noise. Perth & Kinross Council will work with the promoter to deliver the event successfully later on in the summer.”


Perth Live: Perth’s first ever InchFest

Next Saturday, April 28th, 8 local acts will join forces to bring you a day of live music at the North Inch for the first ever InchFest.

Solarcrush, Neil Morrison Band, Brainglue, Hypocrites, SWAINE, The Sandemans, Terry Bling & Princyboii and Parliamo will all be playing next Saturday. This full day outdoor music event will run from 3 pm until 9 pm at night.

InchFest is a project spearheaded by Jack Dailly and Elliot Miln as part of their music business course at Perth UHI. The first event of its kind, an all day outdoor music bash featuring exclusively local young talent. What a treat!

Jack Dailly from Parliamo said: “The aim is to bring the people of Perth together in celebration of the quality and diversity of Perth’s young music scene from punk bands to hip hop artists”

This incredible line-up will have you boogie-ing all day with every act bringing you something completely different. There is no better way to celebrate the talent and diversity of Perth’s music scene right now. A huge kudos to the organisers for this one and to everyone playing. All the artists on the bill have been smashing it recently, touring, making albums, releasing new songs and keeping very busy. Make sure to head down to support them and watch all their hard work in action.

The fun doesn’t stop there either. Real Life Entertainment will be playing in The Twa Tams that evening for their hugely anticipated home town show.  Get yourself over there afterwards to show RLE & support some love.

What a day for Perth music – probably the best we’ve seen yet.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the week as we talk to the bands and find out all the final details for you.

McDiarmid Park turns into Lego

Brickstand, a popular Lego account on Twitter has created McDiarmid Park in Lego, home of St Johnstone FC.

A creative Twitter account called Brickstand has been creating football stadiums in Lego and has managed to create McDiarmid Park the home of St Johnstone FC.

Brickstand getting all creative, building the stadium.

After some hours, we have a final result…

Brickstand has already created some other Scottish stadiums, you can view them here.

It’s probably the very first time the stadium has been empty, according to sources…..

A third of young people with no hope of owning their own home

The Resolution Foundation has found that up to a third of young people face renting their home throughout their lifetime.

Much of the media surrounding this concentrates on more affordable homes for young people to buy. What happens in a few years time as those who are renting are unable to work?

In the 70s before Margaret Thatcher allowed the purchase of local authority homes, people who had retired managed to pay the rent for their local authority home from their state pension.  Fast forward a few years and there are very few local authority homes.  Fast forward a few more years and there will be a large number of retired people living in privately rented accommodation.

It is highly likely that these privately rented accommodations will not be within the limits of housing benefit payments or pension payments.  The cash-strapped local councils will be paying for accommodation for more and more people with no income apart from pensions.

In years gone by when local authorities owned more housing, any housing benefits paid came back to them. This gave local authorities a small but regular income.  In a very short time, the housing benefits will go to private landlords. Local authorities will have to pay millions in housing benefit and will have very little of it returning to their coffers.

What will happen then as local authority budgets are swallowed up by housing and care costs for the increasingly elderly population? Will housing benefit be removed to cut costs?

Unless local authorities start building more homes to ensure both a safe place to live and a regular income we will see more going bankrupt in the future. In the past, this has resulted in local parishes building poor houses to cope with growing numbers of homeless. Will we be going backwards in the future?

Why are local authorities not looking for forwards and building homes now to save them from paying private landlords in the future? If they don’t start soon, there will be a humanitarian crisis here in the UK in some years time.

Perth Gazette blogs is a place for opinions. These opinions belong to the author and are not necessarily shared by Perth Gazette.

Perthshire business sees boost in sales

Mackie’s at Taypack have exported 20 containers of crisps to Japan in the last 2 months, exceeding their target and shipping out an impressive 1.1 million packets since the start of 2018.

Over the last 12 months they have sent a total of 2.5 million packets to Asia with new distribution across emerging markets such as Taiwan, Thailand and South Korea on top of existing markets which include China, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Last year they took home the Scottish Food & Drink Excellence Awards prize for Export Business of the Year as well as the Herald Scottish Family Business Award for International Growth.

These were great accolades and a strong indication of the progress the company has made in international sales since Managing Director George Taylor’s son, James Taylor, joined the family business in 2016.

James Taylor, Commercial Director said: “Asia has proved to be a key market for our export sales and although China was historically our biggest market outside of the United Kingdom we are delighted that Japan has now taken first place and appears to be going from strength to strength.”

“Our gentle cooking method produces a unique, dry texture of crisp and this combined with our strong flavours seems to be particularly suited to the Asian palate”.

Mackie’s currently sell their Scottish crisps to 28 countries worldwide, with the most recent additions to their exporting repertoire being Afghanistan & Pakistan.

Springfield lays foundations for new community at Bertha Park

Springfield Properties have taken a major step forward with the construction of Bertha Park by laying the first-set of blocks for the initial phase of homes.

Bricklayer Peter McAninch, had the honour of securing what will be the first of the millions of blocks required to build the village.

As well as new homes, Bertha Park, just off the Inveralmond Roundabout, will include all the facilities needed for a community to thrive. It will be home to the first purpose built school in Scotland for decades, and offer business opportunities, office spaces, shops and healthcare facilities. Each of the new homes will also be fitted with the cabling needed for householders to easily install charging points for electric vehicles.

Springfield Chief Executive, Innes Smith, has said: “This is another milestone at Bertha Park. Once the foundations are poured and the first blocks are down it doesn’t take long for timber kits to be up and before we know it, the streets will start to take shape.

“While work on our show home progresses, customers are visiting our nearby developments in Dundee and Blairgowrie to see for themselves the quality of our homes, what’s included and the various styles of homes.”

Infrastructure work commenced on the new village in September 2017. With drainage in place and roads starting to take shape, work has begun on the homes overlooking the pond in the first phase which is already proving popular.

Over half of the homes released for sale have already been snapped up by eager home hunters.

Innes Smith continued:“Springfield customers choose floorings, paint colours, doors, kitchen units, worktops and tiles to make their home suit them.

“At the end of last year, we introduced Choices Interactive – a programme which uses software to generate interactive images of our house styles and lets customers click through and see the extent of choices available.

“We’re finding customers are already excited about the prospect of their new home because of this new technology which is boosting sales. It illustrates the wide range of choice Springfield customers get as standard and will show how their new home could look.

“This paired with the appliances, carpets, turf and tiles already included, the homes at Bertha Park will really stand out in Perth.”

For more information on Bertha Park, please visit www.springfield.co.uk.

Perth: We need to talk about the takeaway situation

Picture this: It’s a Saturday night, you’ve been catching up with your friends and enjoying a cocktail or two in one of Perth’s busy taverns.

Next thing you know it’s 1 am (definitely passed your bedtime) time to put on your coat and set off for the brisk walk to the taxi rank. On your way to grab a taxi you pass a few of Perth’s finest eateries; Elrasheed’s, Marmaris, Sizzlers and to your disbelief (and absolute heartbreak) they are all closed. Sound familiar?

Marco Polo in Dundee is open until 6am on a Saturday night. In Stirling you can get a Domino’s delivered to your door until 5am. Glasgow and Edinburgh? Well we all know their takeaways are open all the time. In Perth? You better get home early if you want that kebab! Now I love Perth, anyone who knows me knows that. Perth is the place where talented musicians are developed, where you can get to amazing walks in 5 minutes, where you can pop off to McDiarmid to watch the home team, where SMEs thrive, a place we fight against racism, budget cuts and every other cause us Perthites deem to be worthy. A hoggie wrap at 1.30am? We can’t do that though. 

Fear not, you are not left completely in the lurch. You do have several options at this stage of the evening:

  1. You head to one of our 24-hour garages to get a hot dog. This one is not going to work if you are vegetarian or vegan or just simply don’t like hot dogs – unless you’re keen for a warm bread roll. It’s a quick fix and it’s not a Gordon Ramsay 5* meal but if you are really hungry, it’ll do. 

2. Go to McDonald’s. It’s great that we can get a McDonald’s 24 hours a day. It’s a total lifesaver and god bless the staff that work a night shift at the weekend, heroes. However, let’s just say you live up the Edinburgh roadway, your McDonald’s options are Dunkeld Road or Broxden. That is at least another £10 on your taxi fare home and you still have to buy your Dees on top of that. Is it really worth it? 

3. Bite the bullet and go home. Not forgetting to complain relentlessly to the taxi driver on your way, in the most Perth way possible, about how ridiculous it is that you can’t get scran. You then get home and spend 20 minutes looking between the fridge and the cupboard realising that you only have an onion, 2-week old cheese and 8 tins of chopped tomatoes. Pro tip: make yourself a brilliant meal before you go out and microwave it when you get home – perfect!

Whatever you do, don’t stand outside your favourite takeaway for 20 minutes crying, tapping on the window, begging for chips and cheese.

On a more serious note, I’m not just talking about getting food after a night out. What if you are a taxi driver on an evening shift? What if you work on a bar and finish at 2 am? What if you are one of our unbelievable public sector workers pulling a night shift? Local takeaways should at least be given the option to be able to open late as well, it’s their livelihood and we should want our independent businesses to thrive. 

Come on Perth, geez my chips and cheese.

I am keen to hear your thoughts on Perth’s takeaway situation tweet me on @HollieIrvine

Perth Gazette blogs is a place for opinions. These opinions belong to the author and are not necessarily shared by Perth Gazette.

Brewdog to open a bar in Perth

A Scottish craft beer brand Brewdog has announced a bar will open up in Perth.

The popular beer company opened their first bar in Aberdeen back in 2010 and now the company has announced another six bars will open across Scotland.

Brewdog founder James Watt said the company is also planning for an IPO by 2020, following a large private equity investment and a potential brewery in Australia by next year.

The company also said sales for 2017 hit £110m up 53pc on the previous year. The location of the bar will be on Geroge Street, next to the Perth Concert Hall, making it a great location for concert lovers.

BrewDog cofounder James Watt said “Hawkes has grown a distinctive, bold and innovative business in an industry full of conformity, timidity and tradition. Our additional fire power will not only enable Hawkes to expand the reach of its incredible ciders, but also provide the opportunity to really make an indelible mark on the evolution of cider in the UK.”

Perth Live: Perth Against Racism set to host charity music night


On May 4th Perth Against Racism will host charity music night at Perth Civil Service Club to raise money for two charities, Safe Passage and Perth & Kinross Community of Sanctuary.

Perth Against Racism formed when the Scottish Defence League decided to march through Perth in September of last year under the pretence they were championing our car parking spaces. Like-minded folks from around Perthshire, who saw through the facade, came together to organise a counter demo to show solidarity with the everyone in the Perth community – regardless of race or religion. Hundreds of people showed up to stand alongside one and other and they are now known as the collective Perth Against Racism.

Due to the success and support of the counter demo the group has continued to thrive and has been promoting diversity and positivity in Perthshire ever since. Perth Against Racism have now decided to host a live charity music night in aid of two incredible charities.

Four on the Fourth will take place on May 4th at The Civil Service Club to raise funds for Safe Passage and Perth & Kinross Community of Sanctuary. Safe Passage reunite unaccompanied refugee children with their families and Perth & Kinross Community of Sanctuary offer practical help to refugees who move into the area.

Cat MacKay, Perth Against Racism said: “These children are living in desperate conditions and are vulnerable to exploitation, abuse and are being denied the chance of a loving home and an education. We believe every child in the world has the right to be safe.” 

Four incredible local bands have stepped up to play at the Charity event: The Kalaharis, The Sandemans, Cover Daddy & Real Life Entertainment. The Kalaharis have only just finished up touring playing at Broadcast, Sneaky Pete’s, The Green Room & Conroys Basement. Their new single ‘promises’ is out now which you can catch on Spotify. 

As we know The Sandemans have been very busy having just released the artwork for their new album, which is out this summer (it is exactly how they described it in our interview!). They are also gearing up to play with The Frontiers at O2 ABC Glasgow on May 11th – tickets still available for this one!

Newly reformed Cover Daddy are a Scottish cover band who, I am being told, will play a wild range of genres from 60’s to present day floor filler anthems. They are also looking forward to a series of shows coming up in the Dundee area at the end of April and throughout May – keeping very busy!

Perth’s favourite jet setters Real Life Entertainment are also on the bill. RLE have just finished whizzing around the UK on tour with Cabbage. They now have a series of Scottish shows lined up including the highly anticipated hometown gig at The Twa Tams on April 28th (we’ll be there!). Their new EP Stone Me/Skeleton Party is out now which you can listen to on any of the major streaming platforms.

All of the bands are playing for free to support the cause with Perth UHI donating all of sound equipment for the night – I am also led to believe there will be a few more surprises on the night. Local businesses have generously rallied together to donate raffle prizes for the night as well! The whole evening is shaping up to be brilliant, raising money for an incredible cause and getting to have a boogie at the same time (what’s not to love?). This one is not to be missed so make sure to grab your tickets from Blend Coffee Lounge or online at https://4on4th.eve/

Kudos to the team behind this crackin’ event – i’ll see you there.

Over 18s Only | £7 | 7pm Kick-off
Event Page 

Anastacia supporting Lionel Richie in Perth gig

American pop star Anastacia is set to join forces with Lionel Richie at McDiarmid Park later this year.

Anastacia burst onto the global music scene with her debut ‘Not That Kind’ and has since gone onto massive world-renowned success achieving over 20 million worldwide sales, making her one of the fastest and biggest selling artists of the new millennium.

The Lionel Richie ‘All The Hits’ tour will run from Friday 1st June until Sunday 24th June 2018 at McDiarmid Park.

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