Brighthouse – Perth's favourite place?

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One shopping chain Bright House who make profit out of vulnerable people gain exposure from Perth City Centre.

Whether you’re indulged by all the fuss here is some key facts from This Is Money:

[blockquote style=”2″]- Brighthouse uses a unique product-coding system which makes it almost impossible for customers to compare prices with those of rival retailers. – In at least some cases, Brighthouse appears to be selling electrical goods at extremely high and uncompetitive cash prices. – Brighthouse sells a high proportion of ‘exclusive’ products – ie products which vary slightly from standard models supplied to other retailers, making them impossible to compare on price. – Brighthouse makes it compulsory for customers to have insurance, and sells its own enormously expensive cover. – Brighthouse encourages customers to buy warranty-type service agreements which can almost double the overall cost of a product. – Brighthouse lends customers the money to pay for all the above at a rate of 30% APR.[/blockquote]
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Has it changed your mind yet? Well it seems PKC are advertising Brighthouse for Perth residents (bad move)

Perth City Centre responded: “Bright House like any other trader in Perth City Centre are entitled to receive promotion via this service.”

Is it appropriate that Perth & Kinross Council town management team are advertising Brighthouse across social media platforms?

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