5 Things that annoy us in Perth


Yes, okay, this is our 5 things that annoy us in Perth…. well assuming. 

1. Empty Business Premises

Yeah we all get rather annoyed when businesses close and some tend to shut because of fees and rent regulated by the Scottish Government.

2. Transport in Perth

Whether it is screaming brakes or bus fares transport in Perth is very poor considering a major company’s head office is located in Perthshire.

3.  Entertainment….?

Many of us moan about entertainment, whether its kids or adult. Not many places to go, shall we just make the South Inch into a massive park?

4.  “items for sale in Perth” is like a bitching ground…

The Facebook group where people tend to sell items or ask silly questions is becoming a Perth troll. Duplicated groups have now been created due to power heads that seem to get a skill from it. Many users moan about rules or members. We admit, it’s good if you are bored.

5. City Hall havoc…

Yes…protests, plans and all the other crap. We shall say no more.

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