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As you may know we like to share useful insights on our social media and across web services.

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As you may know we like to share useful insights on our social media and across web services.

Recently we increased our social media channels throughout Facebook allowing clear understanding on what we promote such as articles, pictures, debates, questions and the odd humour status updates.

The last 7 days across Perth Gazette have been an interesting sight to watch, with (two days without promoting content).

The image below is our whole insights on our main page Perth Gazette.

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Now this isn’t a breaking record for us, last July Perth Gazette had an outreach of 2.6m due to the Commonwealth Games. This shows our social media presence has paid off. Mi Perthshire also appear to be doing well but of course well behind us which is expected.

Mi Perthshire in 2nd place this week leaving Perth and Kinross Council in third place.

Insights FB pages

To sum up the statics, Perth Gazette reach this week, 341,100, Mi Perthshire 3,800 – 13,000 and Perth & Kinross Council 3,400. It is always important to post audience reach for Perth Businesses.

To follow all of our social media channels on Facebook click below – 

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Mi Perthshire on Facebook

Perth and Kinross Council on Facebook [blockquote style=”3″]Perth Gazette Blogs is a place for opinions. These opinions belong to the author and are not necessarily shared by Perth Gazette.[/blockquote]

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