Come Dine With Me starts on Monday featuring five people from Perth

Five people from Perth will be shown on TV next week as Come Dine With Me came to our lovely city last year to film.

Five people from Perth will be shown on TV next week as Come Dine With Me came to our lovely city last year to film.

What can possible go wrong?

On Monday we will see our first contestant Jacqui who is a first aid manager. – First aid manager Jacqui is serving up a selection of pates, roast venison and a homely sticky toffee pud. Her guests are optometric consultant Daniel, cabinet maker Craig, Basque-born administrator Lorea and procurement officer Jenna. The party is rife with insults from the off, but will the tensions at the table prevent Jacqui scooping the 1000 cash prize?

On Tuesday we meet contestant Daniel an Aspiring actor – Aspiring actor Daniel plans a traditional Scottish menu with a twist, serving spaghetti hagginaise for his main and home-made Irn Bru ice cream for dessert. But with Basque born Lorea foodie a tough act to please, will it be the performance of a lifetime or an early curtain call?

On Wednesday we see Lorea cooking up food, maybe Spanish food? – Basque-born Lorea is on a mission to showcase the culinary delights of her native home in northern Spain. Lorea’s fiesta commences with a pink cocktail and an exotic quartet flown over from the Basque country especially to impress. She reveals that she used to model in the nude, which perplexes her guests.

On Thursday Jenna who pretty much bitches about Daniel constantly cooks up a fab meal – Jenna wants to impress with a night of perfection, but cannot cover up her feelings towards aspiring actor Daniel after a week of bickering.

And finally Friday finale Craig – Craig hopes his land and sea menu can blow the competition out of the water. He’s gone for locally caught prime lobster with wild boar brought in especially from the Scottish highlands. However he has more than just the cooking to contend with as the week’s ongoing feuding finds one diner storming out.

Eerr, spaghetti hagginaise? Irn Bru ice cream? Christ, this is something to look forward to. Bottle of white, a nice supper and Come Dine With Me. Sounds like a perfect start to the week. Follow our Entertainment team for the latest on this wonderful week of delights!

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