Perth Leisure Pool comment on the recent closures due to contamination

Perth Leisure Pool have issued a press release following recent closures due to contamination in its pool.

Perth Leisure Pool have issued a press release following recent closures due to contamination in its pool.

Please read the press release below:

As many of you are aware Perth Leisure Pool has closed on a number of occasions over the last few months due to faecal contaminations. We are aware of the significant impact and frustration this causes to our customers and would like to take this opportunity to explain what we are required to do in these circumstances and how we will communicate the detail of any closure required.


We follow national guidance which prescribes the requirement that in the case of a ‘runny’ stool, the pool water must be cleared of customers and the entire body of pool water must pass through the filtration system six times. It is this requirement which results in the extended closure of the pool usually impacting on the following day, due to the open plan nature of Perth Leisure Pool; so regardless of which pool has been affected, all must close. In addition the changing village, pool surrounds and walkways are all cleaned and disinfected prior to reopening.


We appreciate that when we have to close many customers are inconvenienced, those who are in the venue and already taking part in activities, those just arriving and getting changed and of course many who are making their way to the venue. We commit to putting in place the following communications within 15 minutes of a closure wherever possible:


  • Message posted on the Company’s website ( ) and on the Perth Leisure Pool Facebook page
  • Information displayed in the car park
  • Radio Tay message requested


In addition we will try to contact all customers who are booked into classes which have been affected by the closure as soon as is practically possible. Please check that we have all of your contact details, including mobile numbers the next time you visit the venue.


Refund Policy


  • All customers who are in the venue and have not completed their activity session will receive a complimentary activity voucher, this will be available from reception to pick up before you leave.
  • Any classes which have been cancelled due to the closure ( and have been paid in advance ) will receive a credit which will be applied automatically to the next block of lessons / classes.


So…….How can you help?

The issues that we are experiencing are not limited to just very young children and therefore we would ask everyone to follow the following guidance:


  • Very young children must wear swim nappies
  • Please use toilets in advance of going in to the water and encourage your children to do so
  • Use the showers and wash thoroughly before entering the water
  • Do not use the pool if you or your children have had any illness such as diarrhoea recently

I hope this provides you with reassurance that we are doing everything possible to try to manage this situation, your help in following this guidance will make the difference.

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