Housing Options Scotland helps veteran return home

The charity are celebrating a recent success story, which saw 73-year-old veteran Dorrie able to return to Perth and Kinross, where she used to live.

The charity are celebrating a recent success story, which saw 73-year-old veteran Dorrie able to return to Perth and Kinross, where she used to live. 

Housing Options Scotland was established in 1997 and works with people over 55, those with disabilities, and members of the armed forces to find housing, to rent or to buy. With an expert team of brokers, military workers and volunteers, the service provides comprehensive support and advice in all aspects of moving house. 

Dorrie was living Leicestershire, when she began to have difficulties with her neighbour. Despite raising the concerns with her Housing Officer, the problems persisted: 

“I felt threatened and intimidated – I didn’t like to even go out into the garden. I didn’t feel comfortable at all, it was horrible” 

Dorrie had several visits with her GP about depression, following some advice she emailed the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon to pitch her case and she was later referred to Housing Options Scotland who specialise in these special cases.

Working with Dorrie, they discussed a few options together. For a while, nothing fitting came to Dorrie, which worsened her anxiety. It was only when Karen suggested putting her in touch with LINK Housing Association Scotland that Dorrie finally found her perfect home: 

“I told them about having a Doctor’s letter to support my application. Then my friend suggested I try get in touch with my home county – Perth & Kinross. Within a week of doing so, I got a phone call offering me a bungalow back in my home village!” 

“I feel settled now and I just look forward to making new friends and catching up with old ones too. Being up here and with a dog – you couldn’t ask for more. I’m excited and can’t wait to take my husky for walks in the countryside.” 

Dorrie moved in her bungalow 7 weeks later, and is said to be delighted back in Scotland. 

CEO Moira Baynes said: “Now , more than ever we all want to feel safe and secure in our homes. Older people can be especially vulnerable and anxious .At HOS we would like to say thank you to  providers of sheltered housing – you are all amazing !“ 

The charity has a website set up where more information can be found about the program. housingoptionsscotland.org.uk/get-help/

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