Three new housemates for Big Brother

Extra security have been called in Monday night for the start of Big Brother’s explosive ‘Armageddon’ twist where the most SHOCKING housemates ever will enter!

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Extra security have been called in Monday night for the start of Big Brother’s explosive ‘Armageddon’ twist where the most SHOCKING housemates ever will enter!

Channel 5 producers are planning on causing a vicious stir in the Big Brother house during their new, explosive ‘Armageddon’ twist next week and what better way than adding three new controversial housemates? Did we forget to mention they are rivals of the original housemates?

Meet loud mouth Helen Wood’s rival, Jenny Thompson, who was allegedly in her threesome with Wayne Rooney. The pair are said to be at war after Helen claimed that the former vice girl colleague, Thompson revealed the sex scandal to the press. It’s a very brave decision for producers and it is believed they have extra security on standby in case it turns into a physical fight…which is extremely likely.
Unbelievably, Jenny might not even be the worst of the housemates worries as Big Brother have stirred the pot even more with two more housemates who have catastrophic problems with our current bunch.

The second housemate entering the house on Monday will be controversial, American Youtube star, BradTheLadLong. It was believed Brad would be entering the house on launch night with the others but producers pulled him out of the show last minute after his name was leaked all over the press. Producers are very strict on keeping the fact you’re a housemate secret. When the task team came up with this ‘Armageddon’ twist they thought it would be perfect to bring Brad in as he is said to have locked horns with almost half the house!

If speculation is believed, Brad has thrown a drink over Marlon in a club, KISSED Danielle, and had a twitter row with Ash. It is clear that this is going to cause absolute chaos!

This whole twist is going to make the likes of Chris and Christopher blend into the background even more as producers reportedly couldn’t find anyone they’ve clashed with.

The last housemate who will be entering Monday night will be Kimberly Kisselovich’s boyfriend, Sasha Freemind who has witnessed his playboy girlfriend have sex with Steven Goode on live TV.

When on ‘Big Brother Bit on The Side’, Freemind said he wasn’t worried about his girlfriend with Steven as they are just friends. Only to see the pair having sex last night on TV which was interrupted by Helen Wood who smashed her nose on the side of the lovers’ bed.

Sasha is said to be furious and even more so as he will have to work with Jenny Thompson and BradTheLadLong in a ‘house division’ twist where they will fight against the original housemates to make life easier for themselves. Sources say it’s going to be absolute carnage and things will turn nasty very quickly.

The last twist for Monday that producers are hoping will turn the house upside down is face to face nominations where one housemate will be evicted immediately without facing the public vote!

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